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DLP System

  • Managerial Sequrity
  • Physical Sequrity
  • Technical Sequrity
    • Step 1
      Managerial Security
    • ·Security policy & guide document
    • ·Role & responsibility definition
    • ·Education & promoting security mind
    • System Operator
    • Step 2
      Physical Security
    • ·Entrance control, CCTV
    • ·Periodic back-up of data
    • ·Education & promoting security ming
    • ·Complete scrap of output
    • Unauthorized Personnel
    • Step 3
      Technical Security
    • Network
    • ·Detachment of internet and intranet
    • ·User Account & password control
    • ·System access authority control
    • ·System log analysis, auditing
    • CAD
    • ·USB & CD Write Recognition : No
    • PC
    • ·User account & password control
    • ·File sharing password setting
    • ·Vaccine program operation
    • Security Administrator
Authorized Personnel

DLP System

MaJor Lines
of Business

Program Management

A Total Engineering Service from Concept Development to Production

Program Management

    • Styling
    • Package &
    • Engineering
    • DMU
    • CAE
    • Prototype
    • Prototype
    • Parts Develop.
      & Tooling

All activities are closely monitored throughout the program by a dedicated Program Manager and his PM Group to deliver quality
product with global standards.
Every program undertaken by UGP Design is underpinned by program management skills and disciplines as set
out in UGP Design’s program management procedure.

Program Management

Support to client’s product program definition
Organization of project team

Program audit & tracking
Program risk assessment

Budget control
Cost control

Program Management

Development activities on each phase requires close review to exit to next stage


Full range of styling development scope from idea sketch to ‘A’ class surface data

Concept Initiation / Rendering
Digital (ALIAS) Modeling

‘A’ class Surface (ICEM-SURF)
1:1 Model Build

Verification Model

Engineering Design

Our well-experienced and highly-skilled engineering experts, CAD facilities and virtual engineering
Technologies offer you the highest quality of engineering design.

    • Concept engineering
    • DCD (Design Concept Description)
    • Package layout design
    • Typical section development
    • Styling feasibility study
    • BOM
    • etc.
    • Detail engineering
    • System layout design
    • 3D & 2D Design
    • Reverse engineering
    • Engineering support
    • DMU (Digital mock-up)

Engineering Design

    • Body
    • Closure
    • Exterior trim
    • I/Panel
    • Interior trim
    • Seat
    • Electric
    • Chassis
    • Heat & Fluid